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Professional 32Pcs Makeup Brush Set Foundation Cosmetic Powder Multifunction Toiletry Brushes

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Product introduction:

1. The makeup brush set is easy to carry and use

2. With superior-quality, the makeup brushes in the set will not irritate your skin

3. Durable unique packaging can well protect your makeup brushes

4. It is an important beauty essential for you

5. It is suitable for each wise customer

6. This cosmetic brush is individually handmade


Natural birch wood handle with origin timber color, the nature elements

The aluminum alloys tube with deep plating enables metallic luster and Antirust

The Soft Leatherette material applied for the bag, provide the gorgeous effect


32 Professional Brushes included:

1*Big Sector Brush

1*Full Coverage Face Powder Brush

1*Bronzer Brush

1*Face Blender Brush

1*Angle Face Shadow Brush(To shape your face)

1*Blush/Blusher Brush

1*Foundation Brush(For Liquid or Cream)

1*Eye Shadow Brush 1#

1*Eye Shadow Brush 2#

1*Eye Shadow Brush 3#

1*Eye Shadow Brush 4#

1*Angle Eye Shadow Brush 1

1*Angle Eye Shadow Brush 2

1*Angle Eye Shadow Brush 3

1*Small Plane Brush

1*Big Plane Brush

1*Concealer Brush

1*Wedge Brush

1*Touch Up Brush

1*Cream Shadow Brush

1*Concealer Blending Brush

1*Lip Brush

1*Eye Definer Brush

1*Eyebrow Brush

1*Sector Brush

1*Sponge Eye blooming Brush

1*Eye liner Brush

1*Ultra-Fine Eyeliner Brush

1*Eyelash Brush

1*Eyebrow comb

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