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Bidet Handheld Water Sprayer Portable Rechargeable Battery Powered

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Combines all the functions of a toilet fixture with 100% portability! 
Have you gotten into the habit of cleaning with water after using the toilet; to experience the feel of complete cleanliness and personal hygiene?

Have you just had a baby, or have hemorrhoids, and are feeling too tender to wipe with toilet paper?

Do you travel often - for business or pleasure - and need a portable solution to wash up on the go?

Landlord or hotel won't allow you to install toilet fixtures?
Too tired to leave the bed and need a convenient solution?
With BIDET TO GO, washing up on the go has never been easier and you don't have to worry about installation, plumbing, or running out of the water!

An ideal solution for business trips, hotel accommodation, camping, road trips, assisted living facilities, and also watering plants, grooming pets, and much more...



  • Unlimited water (depends on the capacity of the container you're using it with).
  • No plumbing needed. Works anywhere (perfect for the outdoors, hotels or rentals).
  • Electronically operated using a built-in rechargeable battery with USB (Simply connect to your laptop or smartphone and recharge anywhere).
  • One minute easy assembly (DIY).
  • Control over water temperature (fill it with any desired water temperature).
  • Small in size, compact and lightweight (take anywhere).
  • Waterproof pump technology ensures versatility to use in any container, in any bathroom, anywhere.
  • Equipped with a water filter.
  • USB charger included. 
  • Comes with easy hook and suction cup for mounting.

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